VP of Human Resources – Western University

VP of Human Resources

Students Offering Support (SOS) is a youth-driven charity that ‘elevates education and ignites leaders’, locally and globally. Since 2008, our programs have been delivered on more than twenty-five campuses across Canada and 12 countries around the world, supporting an engaging 10,000 past volunteers and supporting an estimated 250,000 youth globally. Our most popular programs include: Exam Aids, Outreach Trips, Textbooks for Change, and the MCAT for Social Impact Scholarship!

Role Description:

As Vice President of Human Resources, you are responsible for coordinating, managing and executing the human resources aspect of SOS. This will include developing a professional hiring procedure, training new members and implementing any new policies. If necessary, you will also dismiss volunteers who are not holding their responsibilities. Your role is to create a team atmosphere by building a sense of team cohesion and bringing group members together. To excel in this position, you must have a very spirited, welcoming and approachable attitude with all volunteers.

  • Establishing your Chapters Annual Recruitment Plan through participation in Goal Setting and Strategic Planning activities with other Executive members and SOS National Head Office throughout the summer.
  • Participating in Skill Development and Training Sessions with SOS National Head Office and other volunteers from across the country, and familiarizing yourself with SOS national systems and policies to support effective Chapter operations.
  • Coordinate a team of Departmental Directors and other volunteers throughout the year to design and deliver recruitment campaigns
    • This includes scheduling and hosting regular Departmental Meetings.
  • Supporting day-to-day delivery of the Human Resources department, including:
    • Promoting open positions, accepting applications, scheduling interviews, and selecting top candidates;
    • Coordinating training sessions for all new members to ensure an effective transition into their position and department
    • Coordinating performance review and volunteer appreciation processes
    • Reviewing hiring procedures to ensure they are up-to-date
  • Organize various volunteer socials & community activities to build an inclusive and fun team environment;
    • Coordinate recognition awards and additional volunteer appreciation activities
  • Attend weekly meetings among the Executive team throughout the year to support cross-departmental collaboration.


Desired Skills and Experience:
  • You are reliable, responsible, and wanting to be part of a high-impact, high-performance team
  • You have a hunger to learn and develop in the subject matter areas relating to your position
  • You have a willingness to work as a team and individually to accomplish Departmental goals
  • You’re passionate about SOS mandate to support student success at both a local and global level
  • You have the capacity to meet regularly with your Executive team, departmental volunteers, and SOS’ National Head Office to support achievement of objectives
  • Familiarity with SOS’ Operations are an asset; existing knowledge and skills in the subject matter areas relating to your position are a strong asset
  • Availability to contribute to Goal Setting and Strategic Planning activities throughout the summer is an asset

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Last modified: March 19, 2021